What's it worth?

To find out, submit photos via the form below for a free assessment of what your items are valued at. 

Whether you are looking to sell a $100 chair or a $100,000 painting, New Hampshire Antique Co-op is actively seeking consignments and offers a superb selling environment featuring galleries, room settings, locked & alarmed showcases and expanded online selling options. NHAC is noted for its diversity of product, commitment to excellence and inventory in every price range.

Our fees are reasonable and competitive. The basic structure is 40% commission to New Hampshire Antique Co-op for items selling under $2,000; 35% for items selling from $2000 - $10,000; and 30% for items selling over $10,000.

Optional fee-based services may include restoration, framing, pick up & delivery and insurance.

A picture is worth a thousand words

The easiest way for us to begin an evaluation for consignment is for you to submit photographs. You can send photos to us using this form; email them to; send via postal mail; or bring the pictures (or better yet, the objects themselves) in person to our shop and speak with one of our appraisers (an advance call is recommended).

If you have a large estate or collection, please call us directly at 603-673-8499.

1. What is it?:

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We do our best to respond to each and every request.
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The Small Print

Please note that these evaluations are subject to revision upon first-hand inspection. Photographs that are mailed or dropped off to us will not be returned. An estimate should not be considered proof of authenticity, an offer to purchase or a guarantee of selling price.

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