What's it worth? How do I sell it?

Consign with confidence at New Hampshire Antique Co-op. 
We handle thousands of consignments in all price ranges.

Q. Why consign your antiques & fine art NHAC?

A. New Hampshire Antique Co-op has the experience, the expertise, the customer loyalty and the right setting to sell nearly any type of antique, collectible or vintage item. We display your items and have the ability to show items off at their best in our architect-designed shop, featuring varied room settings, showcases and galleries. We offer conservation/restoration services to assist in helping you gain higher sales results. We also offer an expanded online selling program.

By selling your antiques at New Hampshire Antique Co-op you are guaranteed results. The asking price of your items will be reviewed with you in advance. When you consign at New Hampshire Antique Co-op, you remove the risk of selling at auction because the price is set beforehand. When you consign, there is no need to take the chance in hoping that a piece will bring more than its reserve as in an auction.

We are recognized as an exceptional, unique shop with knowledgeable staff and effective marketing strategies. Whether you have a single item, a collection or an entire estate, New Hampshire Antique Co-op can handle your needs.

Q. What types of objects does NHAC take on consignment?

A. We handle a wide variety of merchandise ranging from $100 to $100,000 and up. From Americana to Louis XVI to you-name-it, all areas of interest are covered. We appreciate fine and decorative arts from all over the world and recognize our customers' eclectic tastes.

Q. What does it cost to consign items?

A. Our fees are reasonable and competitive. The basic structure is 40% commission to New Hampshire Antique Co-op for items selling under $2,000; 35% for items selling from $2000 - $10,000; and 30% for items selling over $10,000.

Optional fee-based services may include restoration, framing, pick-up and delivery, insurance, print and online advertising.

We offer a free verbal market-price appraisals. Your inquires are welcome.

Q. How do I start?

A. The first step is to bring in your objects (or photographs) for a free evaluation. We will appraise your items and discuss consignment options. It is as simple as that!

Contact us today to consign your fine art and antiques.

Call: 603.673.8499, 10 am to 5 pm daily, ask for Jason or Sam Hackler


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